How long have you been in business?

Allwood Signblanks has been around for 25 years now. We first opened in 1994.

Where are you located?

We are located in British Columbia, Canada on Vancouver Island.

Will you router or create the sign?

No. We simply supply the blank itself.

What kinds of paint/varnish work best for blanks?

This comes down to personal preference. The thing that is highly necessary & recommended is that the blank is treated before being exposed to the elements. At Allwood we have 3 signs with all different coatings. We have a sikkens stain on one, a high gloss enamel on another, and on our third sign we have a water based lacquer and all three appear to look as good as when they were first put up. One of the three signs has been outside for approx. 15-20 years and we take it down every five years and touch it up again.

Will your signs warp?

Our signs will not warp if they are treated before being exposed to the elements. The grain is alternated to avoid warping. 

Why is your biggest size a 48?

The maximum width of our finishing machinery is 48 inches. Our blanks can easily be glued together to make larger signs by the customer. There are some examples of this in our photo gallery. 

What is the estimated shipping time & cost?

Blanks are usually shipped within 24-48 hours. This is assuming that stock is available.  We do not typically do shipping quotes on our end. Contact us for a weight guide sheet, and we can give you all the necessary information to obtain quotes. 

Can I buy direct from you?

If there is a distributor near you we would be directing you to them if not we will sell direct. Either way we will make sure you get an Allwood blank.

What size strips do you use?

We don't use strips!

Allwood uses mostly 4" wide boards for their blanks. The clear heart vertical grain Western Red Cedar comes in timbers that best 4" cut boards. This makes for a stronger and more durable blank when RF glued in our computerized machine press.

How long does Cedar last?

Outdoor durability is determined by many factors. Cedar has a very high tannin content giving excellent weathering characteristics. (Cedar roof shingles have an expected life of 20-30 years.) Cedar also naturally weathers to a silvery gray. (Our own signs, we take down every couple years and touch them up to avoid the signs going gray.)

Why are your signs an inch under the foot?

Each sign is made from boards that are to the foot and the ends need to be cleaned up.