Allwood SignBlanks LTD.



           Allwood started producing sign blanks in 1994, and has quickly grown to be the premier wood sign blank manufacturer for the north american sign industry. All of our sign blanks are constructed from number one grade, kiln dried, vertical grain, western red cedar. The weatherability and stability of western red cedar makes it an ideal choice for both interior and exterior signage.


           Each Allwood sign blank is meticulously handcrafted and then inspected. Dedicated employees use state of the art machinery to assemble the blanks to ensure the highest quality product. Each blank is planed and sanded on all six sides, encased in cardboard protection and then individually boxed. 


           Our goal is to provide you with the Finest Natural Substrates available, “our gold standard.” We supply a complete range of Western Red Cedar sign blanks. We can also supply custom blanks to your specifications. No order is too big or too small and all are considered equally important.


           Our company is dedicated to the conservation of Western Red Cedar, so we've created a milling process that makes use of virtually the entire tree, making the most out of a renewable resource. It is the green (eco friendly) choice of sign makers worldwide. Our wood grows in the Northwest, from Northern California to Alaska.


            Western Red Cedar shares most of the properties of California Redwood:

  • High tannin content giving good weathering characteristics
  • Very short grain giving very low stress (minimal checking and warping)
  • Approximately the same density as redwood.

Western Red Cedar has definite advantages over California Redwood:

  • It is more colorful, ranging in shade from very light to very dark brown
  • Cedar is uniform throughout the log, without distinct sapwood or heartwood
  • Western Red Cedar is not an endangered species